Full form of TCP/IP

What is the full form of TCP/ IP?

Answer :

  • Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol 

What does TCP/IP mean?

It is the suite of communication protocols used to connect hosts on the internet uses several protocols one being TCP and other is IP. 

TCP/IP built into UNIX Operating System and is used by the internet. 

TCP/IP model divides the protocols into different layers, on the basis of their functionality. 

The TCP/IP protocol suite is divided into 4 layers which are following below :

  1. Layer 1 - Network Access Layer ( Provide all functionality ) 
  2. Layer 2 - Internet Layer ( Routing and Addressing ) 
  3. Layer 3 - Transport Layer ( Process-to-Process delivery of the entire message )
  4. Layer 4 - Application Layer ( Communicate directly with end user )