31 December 2017

Application of GPRS

GPRS stands for General Packet Radio Service includes a variety of new and unique services to the mobile wireless subscriber. A wide range of corporate and consumer applications are enabled by nonvoice mobile services such as GPRS will introduce those that are particularly suited to them. Some characteristics of GPRS following below which cause many applications in non-voice mobile services. 

  1. Mobility - GPRS provides constant voice and data communication while on the move.
  2. Immediacy - GPRS allows the subscriber to obtain connectivity when needed. Not to worry about the location you are in and from where you are logged in.  
  3. Localization - GPRS gives information relevant to their current location on the facility they can get from.
A number of applications are developed using the above three characteristics and provided to the mobile subscriber. All the applications are divided into two high-level categories such as corporation and consumer. Both two categories again have an application which is listed below. 
  • Communication - Unified messaging, Fax, E-mail, Internet, etc. 
  • E-commerce - Retail applications like Amazon, ticket purchasing using UPI, banking, and financial and trading like balance checking and money transfer between bill payment, overdraft alert, accounts, etc.
  • Value-added services - Information services and other games include gaming applications.
  • Location-based applications - Navigation, airlines, rail schedules, location finder, updated traffic conditions.
  • Vertical applications - Delivery, fleet management, and sales force automation, etc
  • Advertising -  Using location-based application and advertising

Nowadays GPRS applications like chat, multimedia message, networks, personal information management, vehicle positioning, location-based services, and telematics.

Advanced business applications : 

  • Tracking of taxes and credit card validation for customer payment. 
  • Localization of stolen cars.
  • Control of the position of trucks for transportation companies. 
  • Support for security and monitoring system. 
  • Distribution of specific message to a selected group of users.