18 December 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of LCD TV

The question which is in mind, Now people are replacing LCD TV into LED TV. Why people doing so? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of LCD TV? Following thread gives you answer about that. 

Advantages of LCD TV 

  • Slim profile
  • Can be wall mounted
  • Colors of images look more realistic
  • Better performance than plasma's for smaller screen size
  • Slightly lower power usage than equivalently sized plasma display
  • Lighter and less bulky rear-projection television 
  • Less heat is generated
  • Better under brighter conditions
  • No radiation emission from the screen
  • Space efficient and because they operate at much cooler temperatures cost less per hour than a plasma television
  • Longer life span
  • Higher resolution than plasma of the same size 
  • Lower cost than LED
  • Use less energy so energy efficient
  • More experienced video games recommend using LCD tv
  • Lighter in weight with respect to screen size
  • No burn in from stationary
  • No radiation emission from the screen
  • Reflect very little light, allowing them to maintain contrast levels and not be affected by glare
  • Not affected by the increases or decrease in air pressure
  • Saving our electricity bill because of lower power consumption

Disadvantages of LCD TV 

  • Response time is longer
  • Motion blur is noticeable
  • Prices are more expensive as compared to plasma TV of the same size
  • Poor black level because of that worse contrast ratio and details in the image
  • It relies heavily on thin-film transistors, which are easily damaged, resulting in a defective pixel
  • Response time is longer
  • Pixel burns on the screen 
  • Less picture clarity when viewed on the side or at a view from an angle 
  • Technology advancement is slowly easing this problem
  • Contrast adjustment is narrower in image
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