What is digital signal processing

Before we learn about digital signal processing first let is check it out what is form of DSP. In a digital communication system, the word 'Signal' is very commonly used. Therefore we must know its exact meaning.

Signal system must be describe as a function of one or more independent variables.

What is digital signal processing?

Digital signal processing is the process of analyzing and modifying a signal to optimize or improve its efficiency or performance. It involves applying various mathematical and computational algorithms to analog and digital signal to produce a signal that is of higher quality than the original signal.

Digital signal processing take real-world signal like audio, video, pressure, voice that have been digitized and then mathematically manipulate them. Mathematical processing algorithm can be easily implement using DSP. 

Using digital signal processing; much better accuracy is obtained to refers various techniques. 

In processing digital signal converting analog transmission into digital signal. i.e. The audio signal are processed in real time. This conversion method uses digital conversion software to receive and process the signal. So the output results in a number of different sound effect. This type of processing is present a number of audio devices such a mp3 players, radio sound system. Compare to analog signal digital signal are more versatile, more accurate.

Now a days, digital signal processing used in various application like image processing, Scanners, robotics, military, speech recognition, power line monitors, voice command, television, and music system etc.

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