Difference between thyristor and thyratron

Thyratrons were used for industrial control before the discovery of thyristors  device but now they have been replaced by the thyristors in now a days. They both are three terminal devices still the construction of gate terminal are different form. Now let check it out the difference between them to know more about that.

Difference :
  • Thyristor is current controlled device while thyratron is a voltage controlled device.
  • Thyristor is light in weight and require less space, thyratron heavy and requires more space.
  • Thyristor is more reliable whereas thyratron is not reliable.
  • Thyristor is higher Turn-ON and Turn-OFF time and smaller Turn-ON and Turn-OFF time in case of thyratron device.
  • Thyristor is more accurate compare to thyratron.
  • Thyratron is more costlier compare to thyristor.
  • Thyristor need only one low power supply and control signal to perform operation while Thyratron need too much large power supply between anode and cathode.
  • The life of thyristor is greater than to thyratron.
  • Internal losses are more in case of thyratron as compare to thyristor device.
  • Thyristor is more accurate compare to thyratron.
  • Thyratron takes long time in ionizing and deionising therefore, is unsuitable for higher frequency but thyristor can operate wide range of frequencies.