GSM network block diagram

Before we learn about the GSM block diagram first let us check out what is the full form of GSMThe transceiver antenna transmits or receives the RF signal. The analog to digital and digital to analog conversion are done in the opposite direction depending on transmission or reception.

Functional block diagram of a GSM phone 

The microphone and loudspeakers are used in opposite directions.

The channel coding is done in the opposite direction with the help of the interleaving method.

Modulation is done by using the Gaussian minimum shift keying method.

The antenna is MIMO. User authentication is also possible with GSM phones.

Depending on the services provided by the GSM technology standard there are six examples :
  • Transnational service - shopping, booking
  • Traveling related -  roaming, weather
  • Mobile office - modem, fax, email
  • Fun - gambling, online games
  • Personal services - budgeting, health monitoring, paying bills
  • Security services - emergency calls, alarm provision

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