20 February 2018

Features of LED

Nowadays the light is collected from the edge of the full form of LED, in order to reduce the losses caused by absorption in the active layer and to make the beam more directional. Such a device is known as edge-emitting LED or LED. This article informs to know about more features include in ELDE and how to use LED in daily life.

Features of LED : 
  • A linear relationship between optical output and current. 
  • While we are using LED, Spectral width is around 25 to 40 nm or lambda is equal to 0.8 - 0.9 µm.
  • The modulation bandwidth is much large. 
  • Not affected by catastrophic gradation mechanisms hence LED is more reliable. 
  • Better coupling efficiency than the surface emitter.
  • Less temperature is sensitive. 
Usage :
  • It is mostly used for short-range narrow and also used medium bandwidth links. 
  • Long-distance analog links.
  • Suitable for digital systems up to 140 Mb/sec.