Advantages and disadvantages of LASER diode

The terms stands for LASER full form Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. It can produce coherent radiation in the visible or infrared spectrum when current passes through it. It can be used in optical fiber systems, compact disk players and remote control devices. Now let us check it out advantages and disadvantages about LASER diode to know more about it.

Advantages of LASER diode :
  • Simple economic design
  • It has low power as compared to other laser diodes
  • Better modulation capability
  • The laser diode has a high coupling efficiency
  • It can be used at high temperatures
  • It gives high optical power
  • It  has a cheaper device to produce laser output 
  • It has a smaller size as compared to other types of laser
  • Production of light can be precisely controlled
  • Ability to transmit optical output powers between the range of about 5 and 10 mW
  • Low spectral width (3.5 nm)
  • Compact
  • It is easily manufactured in arrays
  • The delivered system not as expensive as hard tissue laser
  • Ability to maintain the intrinsic layer characteristics over long time periods
Disadvantages of  LASER diode :
  • It produces a more divergent laser beam
  • They require big and costly optics for large source size
  • It has a critical heating problem
  •  Hight drive current to drive the large laser pellets
  • Expensive
  • A speckle pattern appears as two coherent types of light beams to add or subtract their electric field depending upon their relative phases at the end of the fiber device
  • Poorly absorb in hard tissue and hydroxyapatite
  • Current produces unfavorable thermal characteristics 
  • Necessitates the use of cooling and power stabilization