3 February 2018

Full form related VLSI

VLSI - Very large scale integrated circuit  
ASIC - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
AVC - Advanced video coding Blu-Ray high-density disc used to store digital information
CABAC - Context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding
CB - Coding block
CLB - Configurable logic block
CIF - Common intermediate format
COE - Co-Efficient file format
CTB - Coding tree block
CTU - Coding tree unit
CU - Coding unit
DVD - Digital video disc
FPGA   Field Programmable gate array
GOP - Group of pictures
GA - Gate array
GPB - Generalized P and B- picture
HDL - Hardware description language
HDTV - High definition television
HEVC - High-efficiency video coding
ISO - International standardization organization
ICS - Integrated circuits   
ITU-T - International telecommunication union – telecommunication standardization sector
JCT-VC - Joint collaborative team on video coding
MPEG - Moving picture experts group
MPM - Most probable modes
MSE - Mean squared error
PLA - Programmable logic array
PB - Prediction block
PSM - Programmable multiplexer
PSNR - Peak signal to noise ratio
PU - Prediction unit
QCIF - Quarter CIF RGB   red green blue (Colour Space)
SAD - Sum of absolute differences
SOG - Sea of gate
TB - Transform block
TU - Transform unit
VHDL - VHSIC hardware description language
VHSIC - Very high speed integrated circuit
YCbCr - Luminance, blue chrominance, red chrominance colour space
YUV - Colour space that stores the luminance and chroma information of a pixel