3 February 2018

Full form of SCR

What is the full form of SCR?

Answer :

  • Silicon Controlled Rectifier OR Semiconductor Controlled Rectifier

What does SCR mean? 

SCR is a four-layer semiconductor current controlling device. It has three terminals called Anode (A), Cathode (C), and Gate (G) and has three junction P-N-P-N.  

The first SCR was developed by a team of power engineers led by Gordon Hall. It was commercialized by Frank W. "Bill" Gutzwiller in 1957. 

It is a unidirectional device, meaning of that it passes electron in only one direction, from the cathode to the anode.

SCR is a General Electric's (GE) trade name for a type of thyristor used for power control in a DC system. SCR is one of the oldest methods of this thyristor family.  

At present, the use of SCR is so vast in recent years that over the years, the word thyristor has become synonymous with SCR.