MOSFET Application

MOSFET is one of the important element in the design of embedded systems used to control the loads as per requirements.

In applications such as switched mode power supply, variable frequency drives and other power electronics applications where each device can switch thousands of watts, discrete devices are widely used. 

Different types of MOSFET applications are used as per requirement. 

Application of MOSFET : 

  • Used as a switch 
  • Used in a calculator
  • Used in audio frequency power amplifier for the public address system
  • Used in high-frequency amplifier for amplifying electronics signals in the electronic devices
  • Used in MOS integrated circuits, CMOS circuits and VLSI circuits
  • Used in both analogue and digital circuit
  • Used in switched mode power supplies and inverters
  • Used as constant current sources
  • Used in brushless DC motor drive
  • Used in electronic DC relay
  • Used in light intensity control
  • Used in motor speed control 
  • Used in a high-frequency generator
  • Used in sound reinforcement 
  • Used in automobile sound system

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