7 February 2018

Thyristor Application

The terms thyristor denotes a family of semiconductor devices used for power control in both DC  and AC system. One of the oldest methods of this thyristor family, called SCR full meaning is silicon control rectifier.

The thyristor is used in many areas of electronics where they find uses in a variety of different applications. 

Application of thyristor :

Transistors are mainly used in electronics applications as voltage and power amplifiers.

Some of the more common applications for them are outlined given below : 
  • AC power control (including motors, lights, etc)
  • AC power switching.
  • AC dimmer. 
  • Ideal for switching applications.
  • Used in Over voltage protection crowbar for power supplies.
  • Control elements in phase angle triggered controllers.
  • They are used in photographic flashlights where they act as the switch to discharge a stored voltage through the flash lamp, and then cut it off at the required time.
  • They are used in making various gates like AND, NOT etc in digital logic circuits.
  • It used in audio and radio frequency amplifiers.
  • Used in DC regulators and microprocessors.
  • Variable speed motor drives.
  • High power inverter and traction.
  • Fast heater switching.
  • High-temperature oven, glass, ceramics, high-temperature alloys.
  • To control variables resistance heater.