5 March 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of photodiode

A photodiode can convert light into either current or voltage depending upon the mode of operation. In general, a photodiode is designed to operate in reverse bias. It is one type of photodetector. In this article, you can check it out the advantages and disadvantages of knowing more about it. 

Advantages of photodiode :

  • The photodiode is linear
  • Low resistance
  • A very good spectral response
  • Better frequency response
  • Low dark current
  • Fastest photodetector
  • Long lifetime
  • Low noise
  • High quantum efficiency
  • It is highly sensitive to the light
  • Compact and lightweight
  • No high voltage requires
  • Ruggedized the mechanical stress
  • Using photodiode the speed of operation is very high

Disadvantages of photodiode :

  • Require increases in  the dark current 
  • It depends on the temperature
  • Small active area
  • Normal PN junction photodiode has a very high response time
  • It has very low sensitivity
  • Light sensitive device
  • Poor temperature stability
  • Change in current is very small,  hence may not be sufficient to drive the circuit
  • It need offset voltage