5 March 2018

Application of PIN diode

A PIN diode is used in a variety of different applications from low to high radiofrequency. PIN diodes are very good for RF switching and photodiode. Here is some application related to the PIN diode to know more details about PIN diode 

Application of Photodiode

  • A PIN diode is used as a photodetector for most fiber optic applications.
  • There are used as a variable resistor in at RF and microwave frequency.
  • They are used in electric Pre - Amplifier to boost sensitivity.
  • It used as a high voltage rectifier.
  • Audio CD players, Computer CD drive, DVD players.
  • In a phase shifter circuit considered as a lumped variable impedance microwave circuit element.
  • Nuclear radiation detector.
  • It can be also used limiter circuit and modulator.
  • PIN diodes are utilized as series or shunt connected switches in a phase shifter design.