9 March 2018

Application of WiFi

Wi-Fi fidelity is an alternative to wired technology that is commonly used for connecting devices in wireless mode. A Wi-Fi network connects to the computers to each other to the internet and the wired network. This article gives an application in Wi-Fi technology to gives more information in Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi network finds a variety of application following below :

  • Home/residential areas
  • Health care
  • Travelers
  • Browsing the internet
  • Mobile application
  • Computerized application
  • Bank
  • Institutes
  • Educational
  • Stream audio to the wireless speaker
  • Sharing the files
  • Wireless ISP
  • Small business or SOHO
  • Large corporation and campuses
  • Video conference
  • Automotive segment
  • Mobile application
  • Business application
  • Video conference