Full form related to optical communication

Optical communication related full form :

AON - All-optical network
APD - Avalanche photodiode
ASE - Amplified spontaneous emission
ATM - Asynchronous transfer mode
BER - Bit error rate
BH - Buried heterostructure
CNR - Carrier to noise ratio
CVD - Chemical vapor deposition
DBR - Distributed Bragg reflector
DFB - Distributed feedback
EDFA - Erbium-doped fiber amplifier
FDDI - Fiber distributed data interface
FP - Fabry Perot
FWHM - Full width at half maximum
GVD - Group velocity dispersion
HBT - Heterojunction bipolar transistor
HFD - Hybrid fiber co-axial
IMD - Intermodulation distortion
IMP - Intermodulation product
ISI - Intersymbol interference
LEAF - Large effective area fiber
LED - Light-emitting diode
LO - Local oscillator
MCVD - Modified chemical vapor deposition
MEMS - Micro electro mechanical system
MOCVD - Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition
MONET - Multi-wavelength optical network
NA - Optical carrier
OTDM - Optical time division multiplexing
OVD - Outside vapor deposition
PIC - Photonic integrated circuit
PON - Passive optical network
RDF - Reverse dispersion fiber
RIN - Relative intensity noise
RMS  - Root mean square
RZ - Return to zero
SCM - Subcarrier multiplexing
SDH - Synchronous digital hierarchy
SONET - Synchronized optical network
STM - Synchronous transport module
STS - Synchronous transport signal
TDM -  Time division multiplexing
TE - Transverse electric
TW - Transverse magnetic
VAD - Vapor axial deposition
VPE - Vapor phase epitaxy
WDM - Wavelength division multiplexing
WDMA - Wavelength division multiple access
YAG - Yttrium aluminium garnet
YIG - Yttrium iron garnet
ZDWL - Zero-dispersion wavelength