Application of PN junction diode

A lower diode is called a signal diode, it is a PN junction device. A high power diode called power diode is also called as a PN junction device but with constructional features somewhat different from a signal diode. The intricacies in constructing power diode arise from the need to make them suitable for high voltage and some high current applications. Let us have a deep insight into the application about the P-N junction diode to know more details about the P-N junction diode.

The PN junction diode some important applications :

  • PN junction diode is used as a more triple, voltage doubler and quadruples in voltage multiplier circuit.
  • They are used as a switch in many electronics circuits.
  • They are used in power supply.
  • This diode can be used by many circuits rectifiers, varactor for voltage-controlled oscillators.
  • While PN junction diode produced light when biased with a current, so it is used in light-emitting diode application.
  • This diode can be also used for another diode called a light amplification stimulation emission of radiation.
  • In power electronics engineering, it can be used in solar cells.
  • It used in the detector as well as the demodulator circuit so it can be used as a detector for the demodulation circuit.
  • In digital electronics, this diode can be used as switches in digital logic design.
  • It can be used in PN junction photodiodes applications.
  • This diode can be used as a rectifier in the DC power supply.
  • While we are using the clipping circuit, this diode can be used to clip the portion of AC.
  • They are used as clamper to change the reference voltage.
  • Zener diode most commonly used in stabilizing circuits.
  • It can be used as a varactor diode for use in the voltage-controlled tunning circuit as may be found in radio and TV receivers.
  • The voltage across the PN junction biased is used to create temperature sensors and reference voltages.
  • This diode can be used as voltage multipliers to increase the output voltage.
  • It can be used as a signal diode in communication circuits.
  • These diodes must be used in various daily life applications like computers, radios, radars as wave shaping circuits.
  • It is used in many circuits or diode-like, a switching diode, Zener diode, PIN photo-diode, varactor diode.
There are many different types of PN junction diode, let here we have to also cover the application of  various diodes:

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