Features of Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is an open standard that provides an ad-hoc way for connecting devices in the 10 m range. Bluetooth in the 2.4 GHz band and uses a frequency hopping TDD method for each radio channel. Now let us check it out features of Bluetooth to know more details about Bluetooth. 
  • Better IOT
  • Quick data transfer
  • Better audio quality
  • Easy transport 
  • Greater flexibility
  • Available everywhere
  • Up to eight devices can be a network in the piconet
  • The device does not need to be a point at each other, as a signal is OMNI directional 
  • Increases numbers of advertising packets
  • Provide location-based services
  • Government  worldwide regular it, so it is possible to utilize the same standards wherever one travel
  • Sending the information between the two devices which are close to each other

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