15 April 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of electric drive

The machining equipment designed to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy and provide electrical control is called electric drive. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of the electrical drive to know more details about the electrical drive. 
    Advantages of electric drive :
    • Very large range torque, speed, and power
    • Free from pollution
    • It can operate on all the quadrants of speed torque plane side
    • Working is independent of the environment condition
    • The efficiency of the drive is high
    • No starting problem easily start so not require any refueling
    Disadvantages of electric drive :
      • Cause noise pollution
      • An initial cost of the system is high
      • Application of the drive is limited
      • Poor dynamic response
      • The output power obtained from the drive is too much low
      • The output power obtained of conductor or short circuit, the system may get damaged due to which several problems occur