Advantages and disadvantages of cycloconverter

Cycloconverter is actually AC-AC converter. It converts a constant voltage and constant frequency AC waveform to another AC waveform. This article gives information about some advantages and disadvantages of cyclo-converter to know more details about cyclo-converter. 

Advantages of cyclo-converter :
  • Efficiency is very high compared to other converters
  • Four quadrant operation is possible because cyclo-converter is capable of power transfer in both the directions
  • AC power at one frequency is directly converted to a lower frequency in a single conversion
  • If one of the SCR fails, the cyclo-converter operates with a distorted output
  • In this converter, power transfer is possible from supply load and vice versa at any power factor
  • Dynamic response is good 
  • Smooth low-speed operation
Disadvantages of cyclo-converter :
  • Control circuit become complex so difficult to design
  • The output frequency of the cyclo-converter is 1/3th or 1/2th for responsible power output and efficiency
  • Power factor is too much poor at large values of α
  • More distortion at low frequencies
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