15 April 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of AC drive

AC drive is devices for controlling motor speed by converting DC to AC. AC drive has improved productivity and also have made a huge contribution to the development in electronics industries. This article gives information about some advantages and disadvantages of AC drive to know more details about AC drive.

Advantages of AC drive :
  • It can use conventional, low cost, 3 phase AC induction motor for most applications
  • Require very less maintenance
  • AC drive save energy during the part load operation
  • Smaller, lighter, more commonly available 
  • Works better in high-speed operation 
  • A back up is available in the controller fails 
  • Work in a hazardous area like factory area chemical, petrochemical etc whereas DC motors are unsuitable for such environment because of commutator sparking in a device.
Disadvantages of AC drive :
  • Power converter for the control of AC motors are more complex compared to other drives
  • Power converters for AC drives are more expensive
  • Power converters for AC drives generate harmonics in the supply system and also load circuit