15 April 2018

Single phase semicoverter drive

  • To show in the figure, a separately excited dc motor, fed through two single-phase semi-converter, one for the armature circuit and the other for the field circuit, is shown in the figure. 
  • Both converter 1, as well as converter 2, are connected to the same single phase source.
  • This converter also offers one quadrant drive and it can be used up to about 15 kW dc drives.
  • The waveform for current and voltage are sketched in the figure on the assumption of ripple-free armature current.
  • Load voltage waveform for V0  = Vt is the same as shown in the figure.
                                             V= V= Vm/∏ * ( 1+  Cos ɖ )    

   for field circuit, V= V/ ∏ * ( 1+  Cos ɖ

Single phase semi converter drive