CDMA applications

Because to inherent advantages of CDMA over TDMA full form and FDMA full forms such as user capacity, soft handoffs and securities applications of that increase and it used in a variety of applications. Let we check the applications one by one below.

Applications :
  • CDMA is used for a cellular system.
  • One of the most important for CDMA is on GPS.
  • It can be used for subscriber access control.
  • CDMA is used for personal communication service.
  • It can be used for over the air activation.
  • It can be used for short message service.
  • The UMTS 3G mobile phone standard, which uses CDMA.
  • It is used radar and navigation system.
  • Wireless laptop modem.
  • Soft handoff and security.
  • It is used military and some commercial application.
  • CDMA used for anti-collision and increased read efficiency of multiple RFID.
  • Bluetooth uses fast FH-CDMA.
  • Improvement of speech coders in the wireless communication system.
  • Another standard CDMA 2000, is used by several mobile, phone companies, as well as the global-star satellite phone network.

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