18 December 2017

CDMA advantages and disadvantages

Some points on the advantages and disadvantages of CDMA are discussed below. So let us check about the advantages and disadvantages to know more about CDMA. The term CDMA full form is Code Division Multiple Access. It is one type of cellular technology in which two main systems are Base systems and mobile subscribers or users. It allows multiple transmitters to transmit information over a single channel simultaneously. CDMA system works based on the spread spectrum concept. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of CDMA to know more about CDMA technology. 

Benefits or Advantages of CDMA 

Following are the Advantages of CDMA
  1. CDMA channel is not easily decodable hence it offers increased cellular communication securities.
  2. It has more modest telephones.
  3. Call quality is better with more consistent sound as compared to GSM.
  4. Less interference due to handoff features reduces call-dropping.
  5. CDMA has the adaptable designation of assets.
  6. Gives better coverage needs fewer antenna sites and also consumes less power.
  7. Increase user capacity because of more users per MHz of bandwidth than any other system so that it has 4 to 5 times capacity than GSM.
  8. Better multipath performance.
  9. CDMA has a low force prerequisite.
  10. CDMA is inconceivable for programmers to untravel the code sent.
  11. No feeling of handoff while changing cells.
  12. The frequency reuse plan is easier to manage.
  13. It has smaller phones.
  14. CDMA works at an extremely low force level.
  15. Simple to add numerous quantities of clients.
  16. Greatest spectrum efficiency.
  17. Low power requirement.
  18. Increase efficiency as it can serve more users.
  19. High voice quality as well as signal quality.
  20. Flexible allocation of resources.
  21. Operate at a very low power level.
  22. CDMA is Scalable.
  23. CDMA does not require any synchronization.
  24. It has many numbers of users who can share the same bandwidth.
  25. Efficient practical utilization of fixed frequency spectrum.
  26. No sense of handoff when changing cells.
  27. Easy to add many numbers of users.
  28. Increase user resources.
  29. It helps in increasing client assets.
  30. Impossible for hackers to decipher the code sent.

Drawbacks or Disadvantages of CDMA 

The following are the disadvantages of CDMA
  1. Time synchronization is required.
  2. CDMA is complex.
  3. It can't offer international roaming, a large GSM advantage.
  4. The CDMA system performance degrades with an increase in the number of users.
  5. A network of CDMA is not mature because it is relatively new to GSM.
  6. While we are using CDMA, code length can be carefully selected, because it can induce a delay.
  7. When the number of users increases, the overall quality of service decreases.
  8. Self-jamming problem.
  9. The near-far problem arises when we are using CDMA techniques.
  10. Higher cost due to the greater equipment.
  11. It needs precision code synchronization to get the original baseband signal back.
  12. Reduce capacity because gradual transfer increases the use of radio resources.
  13. An increase in users will result in a decrease in QoS overall.
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