9 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of thyristors

The terms thyristor denotes a family of semiconductor devices and it is used for power control in DC and AC system. One of the oldest methods of this thyristor family called silicon control rectifier (SCR). This article gives information about some advantages and disadvantages of the thyristor to know more details about thyristor.

Advantages of Thyristor :
  • It is easy to turn on
  • It is able to control AC power
  • It can switch high voltage, a high current device
  • It cost is very low
  • It is simple to control
  • It can be protected with the help of use
  • It can handle large voltage, power as well as current
  • It is a much smaller in size compared to the transformer 
  • The triggering circuit for SCR is simple
Disadvantages of Thyristor :
  • It can not be negative
  • It can not be used higher frequency
  • It can not be  easily turn off
  • In the AC circuit, it need to be turn on each cycle
  • Gate current can not be negative
  • Low switching speed
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