11 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of BJT

The term BJT full form is called as Bipolar Junction Transistor. It is one type of power transistor. It is used in the amplifier, multi-vibrator, oscillator, modulator, demodulator, etc. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of BJT to know more about BJT.

Advantages of  BJT : 
  • They have a better voltage gain
  • They have a high current density
  • They have a low forward voltage 
  • It can be operated in low to high power application
  • BJT has a large gain bandwidth
  • BJT shows better performance at high frequency
Disadvantages of BJT :
  • BJT has a low thermal stability
  • BJT is most effective by radiation
  • BJT has more noise produced
  • BJT has a low switching frequency
  • BJT has a very complex control
  • The switching time is not very fast compared to a high alternating frequency of current and voltage