Advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology

A mesh topology is a network topology. All network nodes are individually connected to most of the other nodes. If one link became unusable it does not disturb the whole system and other links can be used for communication. So here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of mesh topology to know more details about mesh topology.

Advantages of mesh topology :
  • It has privacy and security
  • Eliminate traffic problem in link sharing
  • Point to point link make fault identification, fault isolation easy
  • Expansion and modification of in this topology can be done without disrupting other nodes
  • Even if one of the components is failed there is always an alternative present so data transfer doesn't get affected
  • Data can be transmitted from different device simultaneously. This topology can withstand high traffic
  • It is robust. If any link gets damaged it can not affect the others
  • The most reliable network topology
  • Each can carry is own data load
  • Easy to detect the faulty device
  • Troubleshooting of this topology is easy as compared with other types of networks
Disadvantages of mesh topology :
  • Expensive as cable cost is high
  • It is very complex
  • It can be difficult to manage
  • Set up and maintenance cost of this topology is very difficult
  • There is a high chance of redundancy in many of the network connection
  • Connection not fully utilized
  • The overall cost of this network is a way to high as compared to other network topologies
  • It is difficult to install
  • More cabling is required as compared to bus, star, and ring topology
  • Each link from one device to another require an individual network interface card
  • Consume a lot of power
  • Adding or removing a computer is difficult

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