16 May 2018

1G technology advantages and disadvantages

1G stands for the first generation, It can be used mobile phones were cell phones that used the first successful standard network technology. 1G phones had many more advantages after being introduced but in 2G mobile phones made 1G technology largely obsolete in 1990. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of a 1G network to know more about 1G technology.

Advantages of a 1G network :
  • Improve voice clarity
  • The network uses the analog signal
  • Reduce noise in the line
  • Secrecy and safety to data and voice calls
  • Consume less battery power
Disadvantages of a 1G network :
  • Poor voice quality 
  • Large phone size
  • Poor battery life
  • No security
  • It makes use of the mobile phone with the analog signal more difficult and this signal are suffer from interference problem
  • Limited capacity
  • Poor hand-off reliability
  • Very slow speed
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