18 May 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of ring topology

Ring topology is a network topology. This topology has reduced chances of collision as well as easy to reconfigure. Here this article gives many more advantages of the ring topology. so let us check it out the advantages and disadvantages of ring topology to know more details about it. 

Advantages of ring topology :
  • It provides alternative round
  • Cheap to install and extend
  • Easy to reconfigure
  • It is less expensive than all but peers WAN
  • Each computer has equal access to resources
  • Additional components do not affect the performance of a network
  • There is no need for a network server to control the connectivity between workstations
  • Performance is better than that of bus topology
  • It is less costly than a star topology
  • Data transmission is high-speed 
  • Traffic is unidirectional
  • In comparison with a bus, ring, a tree is better than handling the load
  • Adding or removing a network node is easy, as the process requires changing only two connections
  • Good communication over long distance
  • Handle high-volume traffic
  • Fault identification is easy
  • No data collision
Disadvantages of ring topology :
  • A ring is not very scalable
  • Troubleshooting is difficult
  • Adding or deleting the computer disturbs the network activity
  • Failure of one computer the whole network
  • Unique wiring require
  • More complex networking and operational protocol
  • A network is highly dependent on the wire which connects different component
  • This topology is ordered for all computers to communicate with each other, all computers must be turned on
  • Total dependence upon the one cable
  • Data packets must pass through every computer between the sender and also the recipient side, therefore, this makes it slower
  • If any of the nodes is fail then the ring is broken or fail and data cannot be transmitted successfully
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