Advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is built into a variety of different devices including phones, i Pods, headsets and even some medical equipment. Bluetooth is itself one advantage in communication technology. Bluetooth is leading technology in the future of wireless communication technological devices. The main objective of Bluetooth is eliminate plugin, install, enable or configure anything to make a connection. So this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of Bluetooth to know more about it.   

Advantages of Bluetooth
  • Wireless internet connectivity
  • Easy to install
  • It is cheap
  • No line of sight hence can connect through any obstacles
  • Bluetooth has lower power consumption
  • It is free to use if the device is installed with it
  • It is used for voice and data transfer
  • It is easily up-gradable
  • Data communication is more secure
  • Bluetooth is adopted in many product such as head set, car system, web cam, GPS system, mouse, keyboard
  • Pass through walls 
  • It is use for voice and data transfer.
  • It used FHSS hence data communication is more secure. 
  • Availability of Bluetooth headphones calls can be taken even while driving so hands free operation relives great strain
  • Less interference compared to other wireless technologies 

Disadvantages of Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth is very low bandwidth as compared to Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth can allows only short range communication between devices 
  • Bluetooth can connect two devices at once
  • It can be hacked into
  • It can lose connection in certain conditions
  • Bluetooth installed on a cellphone it is prone to receiving cell phone viruses
  • Battery exhausted faster when the Bluetooth is ON 
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