Advantages and disadvantages of Zigbee networks

Zigbee network technology is a wireless protocol used for wireless networking and connectivity. Zigbee is the wireless language that every device used to connect to one another. It is the recently emerged technology of network communication system based on the  IEEE 802.15.4 standard. Zigbee is a new standard developed by the Zigbee alliance for personal area network ( called PAN), Consisting of more than 270 companies. Let us now check it out advantages and disadvantages of  Zigbee network to know more details about the Zigbee network.

Advantages of Zigbee networks :
  • Zigbee has a flexible network structure
  • It has very long battery life
  • Zigbee has a mesh network topology with low cost, multi hope data transmission and is power effective
  • It is less complex than Bluetooth
  • It is easy to install
  • Zigbee support a large number of nodes 
  • Zigbee is more reliable 
  • It is a short working period result in power saving and power consumption of communication
Disadvantages of Zigbee networks :
  • Zigbee disadvantages mainly include short range
  • Low complexity, and low data speed
  • Its high maintenance cost, lack of total solution, and slow materialization,
  • Low transmission, as well as low network stability, are also some of its disadvantages that takes it a step back as compared to others
  • Replacement with Zigbee compliant appliances can be costly 
  • Zigbee is not secure like WiFi based secured system
  • It does not have end devices available yet
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