Application of BJT

Biploar Junction Transistor (BJT) can be most commonly used in analog and digital circuit Here this article gives some application of BJT to better understand this topic.

  • It is used digital circuit design 
  • It is used as amplifying circuit
  • It is used as amplifying circuit
  • It is also used sound amplifier
  • It is used as a oscillator
  • It can used as modulator
  • It can be used as multivibrator
  • It is used in electronics switch
  • It is used timer as well as time delay circuit
  • It can be also used in demodulator or detector
  • Analog circuit
  • High frequency application
  • Switching device
  • Microwave device
  • Robotics application
  • Darling-ton pair circuit
  • Heavy motor to control current flow

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