11 May 2018

Application of BJT

Biploar Junction Transistor (BJT) can be most commonly used in analog and digital circuit Here this article gives some application of BJT to better understand this topic.

  • It is used digital circuit design 
  • It is used as amplifying circuit
  • It is used as amplifying circuit
  • It is also used sound amplifier
  • It is used as a oscillator
  • It can used as modulator
  • It can be used as multivibrator
  • It is used in electronics switch
  • It is used timer as well as time delay circuit
  • It can be also used in demodulator or detector
  • Analog circuit
  • High frequency application
  • Switching device
  • Microwave device
  • Robotics application
  • Darling-ton pair circuit
  • Heavy motor to control current flow