Difference between GSM and GPS

GSM and GPS stand for global system for mobile communication and global positioning system for satellites. GSM and GPS tracking device both accomplish a similar task, they do so in very different ways. So here this article gives information about the difference between GSM and GPS to know more details about it.

Full form :
  • GSM stands for global system for mobile communications.
  • GPS stands for the global positioning system.
Definition :
  • GSM is a specification of wireless network infrastructure. This system has been developed by the European telecommunications standards institute.
  • While in GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that was developed by the united states department of defense.
Technology :
  • In GSM an object position is determined using signal strength as well as triangulation from base stations.
  • In GPS triangulation to at least three or four of the 24 satellites that orbit the earth.
Accuracy :
  • In GSM base stations are capable of providing locations in areas like a tunnel and dense areas.
  • In GPS comparatively difficult in the area surrounded by all buildings.
Cost :
  • GSM: It is chipper but less costly.
  • GPS: It is costly but effective.
Mobile tracking :
  • In GSM phones are in general international mobile equipment identity number etc. And are used to track the location of a cell phone.
  • While in GPS  system is digital map etc are used to track the location in real time.

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