28 May 2018

Difference between wifi and internet

We all know the meaning of internet and wifi. The Internet is connecting the many computers from around the world. The Internet is to connect many local networks together, via a ton of routers while in Wi-Fi is simply an alternative to network cables as a way to connect devices of local area networks. So Wi-Fi one of the few methods to access the internet, while on the internet is a language by which computer communicate. Now let us check it out information about the difference between Wi-Fi and the internet to know more details about it.

Definition :
  • Wi-Fi: The facility that allows the computer, laptop, cellphone, and other devices to access the internet by locating the signal and then with another wireless in the specified area.
  • Internet: Internet is one of the global computer networks that provide access to people, allowing them various communication, information and also interconnection through a website and other standard communication protocol. 
Connection :
  • Wi-Fi: It connects to the internet to a computer. A wireless device can connect to wifi but not necessary to the internet, 
  • Internet: It connects the different computer with one network. The Internet does not require wifi to connect computers globally.
Features :
  • Wi-Fi: A language through which computers interact with each other for sharing information and other valuable sources.
  • Internet: One of the few methods of accessing the internet from your phone or computer, laptop. 
Requirement :
  • Wi-Fi: A DSL device with Wi-Fi routers for WiFi connection.
  • Internet: A LAN server and device require to connect to the internet.
Uses :
  • WiFi: WiFI uses radio waves to send and receive signals devices to provide internet access. 
  • Internet: Internet is a networking infrastructure that allows you to access data or information from other computers across the world using the TCP/IP protocol.

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