Thyristor based project

One of the best advantages of thyristor has over other switching devices, a thyristor, for instance, an instance for a thyristor is that signaling of current does not need to be maintained for the thyristor (SCR) device to remain in its conducting state. The thyristor can be used much more application in daily life. Here this article gives information about the thyristor-based project to know more learn about thyristor.
  • Thyristor based dual converter
  • Thyristor based sensor alarm system
  • Thyristor based cyclo-converter
  • Thyristor power control by IR remote
  • Heat control circuit using SCR
  • Flexible AC transmission by thyristor switch reactance
  • Emergency light system control using SCR
  • Thyristor based speed control of DC motor
  • Automatic street light circuit 200 A.C with SCR
  • Overvoltage protection using SCR
  • Thyristor control power for induction motor
  • SCR robot
  • Thyristor trigger using a microcontroller
  • Thyristor based interfacing
  • Ac switching using triac
  • Intruder alarms using SCR
  • Battery charging by thyristor triggering control
  • Thyristor power control using a TV remote