Thyristor Basics

Thyristor or a silicon control rectifier (SCR full form) is basically four semiconductor rectifier, it consists of alternating n and p types of materials forming three P-N junctions which can be a switch from off - state to on-state. It is a similar construction of transistor.

One of the best advantages of thyristor has over other switching devices, a thyristor, for instance, an instance for a thyristor is that signaling of current does not need to be maintained for the thyristor device to remain in it's on conducting state. The silicon controlled rectifier(SCR) is the most popular member of the thyristor family.

There are several other members of thyristor family like PUT, SCS, SUC, TRIAC, DIAC etc.

Thyristor basic three modes of operation :
  • Reverse blocking operation
  • Forward blocking mode
  • Forward conducting mode