Filter design technique

A filter can be classified in several different groups, depending on what criteria are used for in classification and also for the design to different techniques as well as algorithms. A filter is a system that passes certain frequency component and totally rejects all others. A filter can be used in many application like simulation, bandwidth limiting, signal processing, image processing based on a special type of application, so the design can be implemented based on which type of application. In this article gives the information about how to design in a filter to know more details about filtering.

Typical filter design requirement :
  • The filter should a specific frequency response
  • The filter should be causal
  • The filter should be stable
  • The filter should have a specific impulse response
  • The filter should have a specific group delay or phase shift 
  • Filter design techniques should be implemented in particular software or hardware
Filter design techniques depend on this specification :
  • The approximation of the specification using a causal discrete time system or design
  • The realization of the system
  • And one the specification of the desired properties of the system