3 August 2018

Advantage and disadvantages of frequency modulation

FM is nothing but frequency modulation in which when the frequency of carrier wave is chance in accordance with the message signal, the process is called frequency modulation. Here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of frequency modulation to know more details about it.

Advantages of frequency modulation :
  • No limit for the depth of modulation
  • Less prone to noise
  • Give high fidelity reception has more number of useful side-band are present for modulations
  • High efficient as all of the transmitted power is too much useful
  • Noise reduction
  • Does not require a linear amplifier in the transmitter
  • Enable greater efficiency than any other modes 
  • More efficient use of power
Disadvantages of frequency modulation :
  • FM transmitter and receiver are more complex as well as costly
  • Increases bandwidth
  • Use too much spectrum space
  • Sideband extend to infinity either side
  • Require more complicated demodulator
  • Use of a more complex circuit
  • FM reception is limited to line of sight. Hence less area is covered