Advantages and disadvantages of DC motor

In general that are two types of DC motor known as dc series and dc shunt motor types. It can use the various application like centrifugal pumps, fans, blowers, trolley, crane etc. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of dc motor to know more details about it.

Advantages of DC motor :
  • Ease of control
  • Easy to understand a design
  • Require very less power
  • Near line performance
  • Deliver high starting torque
  • Simple, cheap drive design
  • Provide excellent speed control for accelerations and deceleration 
Disadvantages of DC motor :
  • High maintenance
  • Iron loss is neglected
  • The Swinburne's test can not be done
  • We can not be sure about satisfactory communication on loaded condition
  • We can not measure temperature rise when the machine is loaded
  • Not suitable in explosive or a very clean environment
  • Large and expensive
  • It is suitable for high-speed operation due to commutator and brushes
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