14 August 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of FSK

FSK stands for Frequency shift keying. This technology is used for a communication system such as caller ID and emergency broadcast. Here this article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of FSK to know more details about it. 

Advantages of  FSK :
  • It has a lower probability
  • Easy to implement
  • High data rate 
  • It has better noise immunity than ASK method, so the probability of error-free reception of data is high
  • Easy to decode
  • Operate in virtually any wires available
  • FSK transmitter, as well as FSK receiver implementations, are simple for low data rate application
  • It provides high SNR
  • Used in long-distance communication
  • Power requirement is constant
  • Good sensitivity
  • It has higher immunity to noise due to a constant envelope. Hence it is robust against variation in attenuation through a channel
  • Low noise
Disadvantages of FSK :
  • The BER performance in the AWGN channel is worse compared to PSK modulation
  • Extensively used in low-speed modems having bit rates below around 1200 bits/sec
  • This increases the channel bandwidth required to transmit the FSK signal type
  • It uses larger bandwidth compared to other modulation techniques like ASK and PSK. Hence it is not bandwidth efficient
  • FSK is not preferred for the high-speed modems because with increases in speed and also have the bit rate increases
  • When in the telecommunication media, the telephone lines have very low bandwidth, it is not possible to satisfy the bandwidth requirement of FSK at a too much higher speed. So in a method of FSK is preferred only for the low-speed problem
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