Advantages and disadvantages of WDM

WDM has wide application in the electronics and network communication system because of this useful feature details. Other method called DWDM, it's different from WDM. The main difference between WDM and DWDM is DWDM has a greater overall capacity so DWDM spaces the wavelength more closely than WDM. Here this post gives information about the benefits and drawback of WDM to better understand this topic.

Advantages of WDM:
  • Easier to reconfigure
  • Full duplex transmission is possible
  • It provides higher bandwidth
  • Optical component are similar and more reliable
  • High security
  • This could be the best approach as it is simple to implement
Disadvantages of WDM:
  • Signals cannot be very close
  • Lightwave carrying while using WDM are limited to 2 point circuit
  • Cost of the system increases with the addition of optical components
  • Scalability is a concern as OLT has to have transmitter array with one transmitter for each ONU. Adding a new ONU could be a problem unless the transmitter were provisioned in advance. Each ONU must have a wavelength specific laser
  • Difficulty in wavelength tuning
  • Inefficiency in BW utilization
  • Difficulty in a cascaded topology
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