18 August 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power

The main uses of nuclear energy is electric power generation and it can be also used scientific research, space page, medicine, nuclear fission, food, and agriculture etc.  Here this article gives the information about advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power to know more details about it.

Advantages of nuclear power :
  • No green house gases
  • Conserves fossils fuel
  • Fuel has low cost
  • High density
  • Sustainable
  • Clean energy
  • High qualities
  • Contentiously generate electricity
  • A little makes a lot of  energy
  • High electricity output
  • Reliable
  • A small amount of fuel used so less transport needed
  • Cheap to run once built
  • No sulfur dioxide emission
  • No carbon dioxide emission
  • Safe under normal condition
  • Does no emit green house gases
Disadvantages of nuclear power :
  • Expensive to built and start to maintain power plants
  • High operating maintenance cost
  • Mining uranium cause pollution
  • The west of radioactive and also is harmful thus having to be disposed of carefully
  • Risk of disaster or accident
  • Safely concerns
  • Waste that remains toxic for many years
  • Supplies will run out in 50 years
  • No renewable
  • Expensive to decommission
  • A power station is at risk of being attacked
  • Link with cancer
  • Product radio active waste
  • If it is needed, it takes days to shut down a total power plant
  • In a nuclear meltdown, high dosages of radioactivity are exposed