Advantages and disadvantages of transformer

A transformer is a static electrical device which can transfer the electrical energy between two or more many circuits through electromagnetic induction. This article gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of a transformer to know more details about it.

Advantages of transformer :
  • A transformer will increase or decrease  basically AC voltage, current or independence 
  • It is efficient for high-frequency range
  • The available power cannot change but will slightly too much decrease depending on the efficiency of the transformer 
  • It has the advantage of preventing condensed flux leakage as well as iron loss
  • It offers good mechanical strength
  • The transformer is widely used in power transmission
Disadvantages of transformer :
  • A transformer will not work with DC voltage under any condition
  • The transformer size become un widely
  • The physical size of the transformer is directly related to the amount of power to be desired
  • It is not good to use outdoors
  • It can be noisy