Linear and nonlinear systems examples

A linear model represents an accurate representation of the behavior of many systems where the non-linear system has steady state performance with a different kind of behavior. Here this article gives the information about the example of a linear and nonlinear system to know more details about it.

Example of linear systems :
  • Electronics circuit such as amplifier 
  • The unity system, where the output of a system is always equal to the input
  • Multiplication by a constant that is the amplification of the system
  • Linear system where the wave propagation produce such as sound as well as  an electromagnetic wave 
  • Some electrical circuit composed of the resistor, capacitor, and indicator
  • The null system where the output is always equal to zero regardless of the input system
  • Differentiation and integration
  • A signal must be changed such as a resonance and image blurring
  • A mathematical operation like a convolution where each value in the output is expressed as the sum of values in the input multiplied by a set of some weighing coefficient, so here give some many more example of linear as well as a non-linear system
Example of a non-linear system :
  • A system that does not have sinusoidal fidelity such as electronic circuit
  • Common electronic distortion clipping and cross over distortion
  • Saturation such as an electronic amplifier and transformer are driven too hard
  • A system does not have static linearity
  • A system with a threshold like digital logic gates 
  • Multiplication of signal by another signal called as amplitude modulations