Chopper application

terms chopper is considered as DC equivalent of an AC transformer since it behaves in an identical manner. It can be used many more electrical device like the electric car, mine hauler, Forklift trucks etc. Here this articles gives information about chopper application to know more details about it.
  • Chopper is used for DC motor control
  • Solar and wind energy conversion
  • It has more efficient as they involve in one or more stage conversion
  • Dynamic  break
  • Forklift trucks, mine hauler, trolley cars
  • HVDT
  • It also used in the electric car
  • Speed control and braking
  • Airplane and spaceships, where onboard regulated DC power supplies are required
  • Chopper supply circuit are used as power supplies in computers, commercial electronics, electronics instruments
  • DC voltage boosting
  • Battery chargers
  • Onboard regulated the dc power supply

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