What is chopper

First of all, we should check what chopper exactly means and after that where it mostly used.

What is a chopper?

As we know that a chopper is one type of electronic circuit used to refer numerous types of electronic switching devices and used in power control and signals applications. 

A chopper is a static device and it converts fixed dc input voltage to a voltage to a variable dc output voltage directly.

A chopper is basically a DC to DC converter whose main function is to create an adjustable DC voltage from a fixed DC voltage source through the use of semiconductors.

A chopper is more efficient as they involved in only one stage conversion. The future electric automobiles are likely to use the chopper for their speed control and also braking.

A chopper is considered as a DC equivalent of an AC transformer since it behaves in an identical manner.

The chopper used in trolley cars, marine hoists, forklift trucks, and also a mine hauler. The chopper is the dc equivalent to an ac transformer having continuously variable to a turn ratio. Like a transformer, a chopper can be used to step up or step down with the fixed DC input voltage.

In power electronic system the conversion from fixed dc voltage to an adjustable dc output voltage, through the use of semiconductor devices, can be carried out by the two types of dc to dc converters like ac link chopper and also a dc chopper

Chopper circuits are very widely used in power electronics as also numerous electronics circuits as given below. 

  • SMPS terms
  • DC DC converters
  • Amplifiers
  • Filters
  • DC motor speed control
  • VFD drives motors
Applications of chopper : 
  • Switched mode power supply 
  • DC to DC converter 
  • Class D electronic amplifier 
  • Switched capacitor filter 
  • Variable frequency drive
  • DC voltage boosting 
  • Battery operated electric cars
  • Battery chargers 
  • Railway traction 

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