Advantages and disadvantages of digital communication

Digital communication is a system that any message pass through digital devices. It is the ability to create communication in different media. It transmits any information by digitally. Now let us check it out a lot of advantages, so we have to know more about digital communication.

Advantages of digital communication :
  • It can be done over large distances through internet  devices and other things
  • Digital communication technology is easy to mix signals and also have data using digital techniques
  • Greater dynamic range is possible
  • More option and flexibility in terms of recording and also a reviewing data
  • Used in military application
  • The inexpensive circuit may be used
  • Digital communication gives facilities like video conferencing which save a lot of time, money as well as  effort
  • Digital communication is done over a large distance through the Internet and is spread almost in every cities and town. So in the compatibility of digital communication systems with the internet has opened a new area of applications
  • Using data encryption, it is very useful for in a military application
  • High-speed computers and powerful software design tools are available, so a digital communication system flexible
  • It can be tolerated the noise interference
  • The digital communication is fast, easier and cheaper
  • Digital communication has excellent processing techniques are available for digital signals processing such as processing methods like image processing, video processing, data compression, channel coding and equalization etc
  • Much less bulky than analog equivalent
  • The error may offer to be corrected with the use of coding
  • Much more options being able to share media called both socially and for business
Disadvantages of digital communication :
  • High power consumption
  • It has a sampling error
  • Nongraceful degradation
  • Bit error rate or probability of error
  • Require A/D conversion at a high rate
  • It requires more bandwidth as compared to an analog system
  • It needs synchronization in synchronous modulation
  • As the square wave is more affected by noise, that's what while communicating through channel we send sine wave but while operating on a device we use squire pulses
  • Complex circuit, more sophisticated device making is also disadvantages of a digital system
  • More expensive to fix when it does wrong
  • It was harder to fix when it does go wrong
  • Miss-communication is possible if a user doesn't understand something
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