WLAN vs bluetooth

Before we learn about the difference between Bluetooth and wireless LAN first let us understand the topic about what is Bluetooth and WLAN. Bluetooth is a short-range technology standard which allows devices to communicate in a wireless manner while in WLAN  that connect two or more devices by using wireless data connection over short distances. Now let us check it out the difference between Bluetooth and WLAN to know more details about this topic.

WLAN vs bluetooth:

  • Bluetooth has replaced the cable with wireless network whereas WLAN is developed by WLAN/campus/home.
  • In Bluetooth distance range less than 30 feet but in WLAN distance range up to 200 feet.
  • In while using minimum distance 10 m,100 m distance with high transmit power while  WLAN 15-150 m /300 m for indoor and outdoor area.
  • WLAN size is too much large compared to Bluetooth.
  • While using WLAN bandwidth is higher compared to Bluetooth.
  • While we are using WLAN cost is high compared to Bluetooth.
  • When we are using Bluetooth data rate speed up to 1 Mbps but when we are using WLAN data rate speed up to 24 to 54 Mbps with 5 GHz bandwidth.
  • Bluetooth uses in Adhoc network, WLAN no use of piconet. It is effective for random access.
  • When we have to use WLAN higher current requirements as compared to Bluetooth.
  • In Bluetooth frequency range up to 2.4 GHz whereas WLAN frequency range up to 5 GHz in 20 MHz channels.
  • Control access point is require in WLAN.
  • In Bluetooth identification of network checking out the Bluetooth control panel but in WLAN identification of network checking out by locating a central router an of a wireless network switch.