GPRS features

Introduction :

GPRS stands for general packet radio service. This technology allows information to be sent back and also for forth across a mobile network. It is an addition to today's circuit-switched the data and also provide short message services. This article gives advanced GPRS features to know more details about GPRS terms. 

Key features of GPRS :
  • It overlays on the existing GSM network to provide high-speed data service depending on the which type of coding method is used. It is possible to have a data rate up to 150 kbps with GPRS.
  • The GPRS system has the ability to offer a data speed of 14.4  kbps to 171.2 kbps that allow comfortable internet access.
  • GPRS supports point to pint packet transfer service and points to multipoint packet service.
  • The operator does not have to replace equipment; rather, the GPRS system is added on top of the existing infrastructure.
  • GPRS based networks have a high bandwidth.
  • GPRS is designed to support a bursty application like email, traffic, telemetry,  telecommunication, broadcast services, and web browsing.
  • GPRS offers a fast connection set up the mechanism to offer a perception of being “always on” connection device. Hence GPRS devices are referred to as the "always connected device”.
  • The security services provided by GPRS are users Authentication, user access control, user information confidentiality, user identity security.
  • GPRS is the packet data score network of 3G systems EDGE and WCDMA.
  • GPRS system is independent of the characteristics of the radio channel. GPRS provides the following types of data services like MMS, SMS, WAP

Goals of GPRS :

GPRS is the first step toward an end to end wireless infrastructure as well as communication and has the following goals given below :
  • Consistent IP services 
  • Open architecture
  • Same infrastructure for different air interfaces
  • Leverage industry investment in IP
  • Integrated telephony and internet infrastructure
  • Service innovation independent of infrastructure

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