What is wireless communication

History of Wireless Communication Technology : 

The birth of a wireless communications system when M.G.Marconi successfully established a radio link between a land-based station and a tugboat in 1901. After that, rapid strides have been made in the realm of wireless communication, enabling live a better life in this digital Era. 

After that what height of achievement wireless communication field reached which is following below year by year is given below:

1901 - Marconi successfully transmit wireless data 

1902 - First two-way communication was successful across the Atlantic
1909 - Marconi won Nobel price

Radio Transmission : 

1914 - First voice radio transmission 

The 1920s - Mobile receivers installed in vehicles First Time
1930s - Mobile transmitters developed and used the First Time 
1935 - Frequency modulation demonstrated the First Time 

Mobile Telecommunication :

1946 - Launch of Public Switched Telephone Network 
The 1960s - Launch of Improved Mobile Telephone Service ( IMTS )
1979 - First cellular communication system developed by NTT ( JAPAN ) 
1983 - Launch of Advanced Mobile Phone System called AMPS 
1989 - Launch of European Digital Cellular Standard for GSM technology by special mobile 
1991 -  Launch US Digital Cellular Phone System 
1993 -  Launch CDMA system
1994 -  Launch GSM system
2001 - Launch 3G technology in Japan 
2007 - 200 million 3G users across the world 
2010 - Nation-wide auction of 3G spectrum in India 

Wireless Local Area Network : 

1990 - Introduction of IEEE 802.11 to define standards for WLAN device

1997 - Introduction of IEEE 802.11 WLAN protocol 
1997 - 50 million cellular users in the US alone 
1999 - Introduction of IEEE 802.11b WLAN protocol 
1999 - Introduction of IEEE 802.11a WLAN protocol 
2000 - Launch of Bluetooth standards 
2003 - Introduction of IEEE 802.11g WLAN protocol 
2008 - Cellular provides no longer required to provide analog support 
2009 - Release of IEEE 802.11n WLAN protocol 


The word wireless is a dictionary defined 'having no wires' in a communication system.

A wireless communication system is the fastest growing and also the most vibrant technological area in the communication field. It is a method of information is transmitting from the transmitter to the receiver side that is placed over a limited distance.    

In wired communication, the medium is a physical path like co-axial cables and optical fiber links which guides the signal to propagate from one point to other is called as Guided Medium. On the other hand, Wireless communication technology doesn't require any physical medium but propagates the signal through space is called as Unguided Medium. 

The question is that if there is no physical medium, even no cables used then how does wireless communication transmit signals?  The transmission and reception of signals are accomplished with Antennas. 

The wireless network device can utilize specific equipment such as NICs and Routers in place of wires (copper or optical fiber used).

Types of wireless communication : 

  1. Television and Radio Broadcasting 
  2. Satellite Communication 
  3. Radar
  4. Cellular Communication  
  5. GPS Communication 
  6. WLAN & Wi-Fi Communication 
  7. Bluetooth Communication 
  8. Infrared Communication 
  9. Paging 
  10. Cordless phones 
  11. Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) 
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Advantages of wireless communication :
  • Convenience 
  • Mobility 
  • Flexibility 
  • Less cost 
  • Easy to Install 
  • A large number of Users 
  • Rapid Disaster Recovery 
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Disadvantages of wireless communication :
  • Interface
  • Security
  • Health 
  • Hazardous 
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Applications of wireless communication : 
  • Wireless power transfer 
  • Television remote control 
  • Home automation
  • Cellular telephone 
  • Home and office security systems 
  • IoT
  • Radar
  • Space 
  • Military 
  • Computer interface devices
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